Refreshing the written content for Haileybury.

Haileybury can rightly be considered a great school. Its rich history and list of achievements stretching back to 1892 combine with a highly successful parallel education model, outstanding teachers, and great entrepreneurial spirit to produce remarkable student education outcomes.

It has been endorsed as one of Australia’s best schools with multiple awards from the Australian Education Awards and has also been ranked as the number one coeducational primary school in Victoria and the number two secondary school, based on national testing results.

This success however wasn’t being presented effectively in the written form — there was little in terms of a central voice, and no definitive hierarchy to help readers identify important messages or take appropriate actions. We were asked to undertake a complete rewrite of content across the site — developing a defined voice and tone guide in the process — to present all that the School offers in a well-structured and informative manner, while ensuring users could engage, learn and take action appropriately.

This work also included refreshing the content for Haileybury Rendall School in Darwin.

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