Altis identity

Altis is a leading information management consultancy in Australia, NZ and the UK. Although successful in its work, the brand had become diluted and disconnected with core values and principles. New business objectives required Altis to re-position, re-energise communication and engage new audiences.

Altis came to us to help them understand how they could leverage their points of difference, create an ownable brand space in the market and demonstrate their people-centred business approach.

Given this, and with Altis trusting in us to take them on the right brand journey, we undertook a series of reviews, gathering input and intelligence to help shape our understanding and creative strategy. Of critical note was the ethos of “a happy and engaged team equals happy and loyal clients…. equals success for everyone” and it was this particular insight which formed the backbone of the brand identity concept.

The new identity enhances Altis’ unique differences; its people and the connections they make, demonstrating strong relationships and connected journeys to deliver outcomes.

From this we developed a wider visual language to express Altis’ key point of difference; unique positive connections made between the team and their clients. The result? A happy, smiling brand.

“Scribble & Think have been an absolute pleasure to partner with. We spent a long time trying to find a creative company that really understood us and would be able to translate our ethos of ‘Connecting with Courage, Heart, and Insight’ into a visual narrative (I learned that phrase from them). They were able to do that successfully and in timely fashion and are a great fit for our organisation. In addition to supporting our communication and marketing activities, they continually provide fresh ideas of how to extend the Altis brand.”

John Hoffman, CEO, Altis