Altis staff brand engagement booklet

Following our work to entirely reimagine the Altis brand, and having identified the importance of internal communication tto bring staff along on the journey, we planned and developed this internal engagement piece. Its simple purpose is to provide an introduction to staff, helping to position Altis in their own minds as a people-centred business, interspersed with strong brand language and a human aspect throughout.

We wanted this to be an immersive brand experience, along with other channels we were developing, using the piece to extend the new brand language and enhance the tone. Additionally, we took the opportunity to review how Altis communicated in the written word, undertaking a range of market reviews to gain insight into how typical audiences looked for information and what words and phrases they used. This then informed how we ‘spoke’ to them and what visual support would be appropriate.

We undertook the entire process from planning and photography to design, copywriting and print, working closely with the Altis team (dispersed across 3 countries and timezones) throughout. The photoshoot in particular was very well-received by the Altis team, as we worked with them through a day shoot to capture them in ways that stepped outside of the normal corporate ‘headshot’. Post-production then saw us integrate further brand devices to help build a richly layered introductory piece in only a few pages.


“Scribble & Think have been an absolute pleasure to partner with. We spent a long time trying to find a creative company that really understood us and would be able to translate our ethos of ‘Connecting with Courage, Heart, and Insight’ into a visual narrative (I learned that phrase from them). They were able to do that successfully and in timely fashion and are a great fit for our organisation. In addition to supporting our communication and marketing activities, they continually provide fresh ideas of how to extend the Altis brand.”

John Hoffman, CEO, Altis