Ascham School advertising – Duntrim House

Ascham School had undertaken a large infrastructure improvement project in the shape of new boarding house to increase the number of available rooms and the extent of common facilities. This critically important project had required extensive marketing and promotional efforts to get it realised, and working with an extended team we bolstered the more functional documentation with a simpler but impactful piece aimed at giving potential new boarders and their parents a visual description of what was in development.

Drawing on a rough summary of the new facilities, some architect sketches and the newly-shot images, we proposed a piece which stepped out of the ordinary, slowly revealing the story as the reader unfolded it. This large format (A1) foldout poster also included a digitally-rendered concept of a typical dorm space, with the aim of putting a potential new board immediately ‘into the space’.

We planned, concepted, designed, rendered and print-produced the piece with it being very-well received and assisting with wider marketing efforts to increased enquiries and visits.

“Scribble and Think were excellent to work with. Their in-depth knowledge of our brand and shared vision for our marketing efforts made for an extremely successful working relationship and an outcome that exceeded expectations.”

Myfanwy Stanfield, Registrar, Ascham School


ClientAscham SchoolYear2015