Ascham School Prospectus

Historically, the school had relied on older, disparate documentation to demonstrate its offering and build perceptions with prospective parents and students. Working with the Registrar and Head of School, the new Prospectus was to convey the brand and the unique environment in an engaging and impressive way. Given an open brief, we planned, wrote, photographed, designed and produced this 40-page snapshot of life at Ascham – expressed from the students’ perspectives.

The result is a piece which further embeds the school brand, summarises the curriculum and wide range of opportunities for every student, and delivers much of the message from the students themselves, allowing prospective parents to envision their own daughters in their place.

The Prospectus was recognised as a Finalist in the Design and Print Effectiveness Awards (May 2016).


“Scribble and Think were excellent to work with. Their in-depth knowledge of our brand and shared vision for our prospectus made for an extremely successful working relationship and an outcome that exceeded expectations.”

Myfanwy Stanfield, Registrar, Ascham School