Stanton Dahl website

Experienced and well-respected architects Stanton Dahl came to us with an initial request to update their website. Following a review process and getting immersed into the organisation further, it became clear that to truly ‘refresh’ its communication required a subtle reposition and enhancement of the brand.

We worked with the executive team to distil history, ideas, aims and ambitions and from extensive insight proposed the update of the core brandmark as a first, critical step. This is not something we do lightheartedly, and certainly not a case of ‘designing a new logo’ , given the equity and perception inherent in existing marks. However, solid evidence pointed the way to a necessary update.

Drawing on the existing mark and Stanton Dahl’s ethos of ‘collective ambition’, we developed a mark at the centre of which was a single line. This was simple but important as it conveyed how everything starts for them. Building on this we developed the parabolic curves based on the original mark that had been in existence since 1984.

From here we then tackled the original part of the request to plan, design and launch the new Stanton Dahl website, working very closely with the team to ensure all aspects of design and functionality met requirements. The site adopts the single red line idea throughout and the whole is a contemporary and immersive outcome.