Student Thrive website

StudentThrive is a venture supported by Altis, and so following our success with the Altis brand launch, they asked us to look at how they might bring a new product to market. Although the team had a clear target audience, it was still unsure on how to pitch this new product to them, including what it should be called and what key attributes it needed to convey.

We undertook a full naming exercise, reviewing similar products in the market (internationally as well as domestically) and developing appropriate lists for review. These were also tested for ease of use verbally and that nothing was being developed elsewhere, lodged or registered for use. Given the product’s core offering is to help educational administration be more proactive in identifying possible student dropouts, the final name of StudentThrive suited this perfectly.

We wanted to create an immersive brand experience as much as a digital one, using the medium to help build the new brand language and enhance the tone while allowing users to find the information they needed quickly and intuitively. Additionally, we took the opportunity to review how typical audiences looked for information and what words and phrases they used. This then informed how we ‘spoke’ to them and what visual support would be appropriate.

We undertook the entire process from site review and planning, to site design, content creation, build and launch, working closely with the team throughout.


“Scribble & Think have been an absolute pleasure to partner with. They were able to deliver on our requirements successfully and in timely fashion and are a great fit for [StudentThrive]. In addition to supporting our communication and marketing activities, they continually provide fresh ideas of how to extend the brand.”

John Hoffman, CEO, Altis