Valmont company profile

We’ve been working with Valmont since 2007, acting as brand consultants for the Group. Through regular brand planning sessions we identified a shift in objectives and market offer, and recommended a review of current positioning and overall brand relevance to clarify what needed to be done to leverage on past successes and engage wider audiences.

One key outcome was the need for a lead piece that acted separately to regular marketing communications, something that could be used as part of a wider business discussion in support of credentials, claims and proposals. From this insight we planned and developed a summary introductory profile, using only a summary amount of content, written specifically for this piece and integrating it with strong brand cues throughout. Given the nature of Valmont’s work is by and large visual and tactile, we reflected this in the physical production, incorporating some impactful embellishments such as embossing, clear foiling, a mix of paper stocks and special inks.

This profile was presented as an example of effective design and print at the Mohawk Show in 2015.


“The reception by our audiences has been overwhelmingly positive, with much feedback enthusing how we have been able to build further on our already successful brand platform for greater clarity and consistency of message. The Scribble & Think team have again delivered what they promise to further enhance our brand presence, extend our brand story and engage us more emotively with existing and new audiences.”

Jacqui Esdaile,
Creative Director, Valmont Group