Valmont Video

Using video content to capture the connection between human movement and functional space.

Valmont is an Australian interior design and construction company specialising in interiors, having completed nearly 0.5 million m2 of commercial interior space for over 2,500 organisations in 8 major cities and 3 countries*.

We’ve proudly been Valmont’s creative agency for over 10 years. The application of our strategic communications and creative experience has helped take Valmont from a team of 6 when we first sat round a small office table, to over 50 people right across Australia, with a respected, often emulated brand firmly embedded in the market.

Valmont briefed us to plan and shoot 3 short films for use across multiple channels, to further drive engagement and deliver on a wider communications strategy. Each film needed to demonstrate the quality and uniqueness of Valmont’s work, with design and finish as the ‘hero’ content, supported by the ability of each environment to facilitate human interaction.

Our planning sessions involved understanding the core objectives as a business, the audience personas, their specific expectations and triggers, from which we defined a content strategy, and how each film should be seeded across different communications channels.

The creative strategy was then developed to demonstrate the framework of the content, including composition, key components, styling, and any specific footage required for particular audience personas and service offerings. Each of the three films had its own overarching focus with a main message, which was storyboarded and briefed to identify durations, compositions, subjects, and post-production elements including music. We also considered the subtle interactions that people have once they move into a new space and how to capture the space as a whole, while shifting focus to the details within to enhance interior design features. Overall, we planned a natural, not over-produced look and feel, employing both natural light and existing light fixtures to direct the eye and subtle movements of furniture and objects as people moved through the space.

Our role included full Art Direction for each shoot, working alongside the production team to ensure correct creative execution and brand alignment throughout. Our involvement during the post-production phase included reviewing footage and providing feedback on create executions, and guidance to Valmont and the production team to ensure a successful execution and delivery. The result is sophisticated, elegant content with precise composition giving it an upmarket feel with a quietly confident human element.

*as of March 2018.