Wenona short film

Since 1886, Wenona has nurtured creative, resilient, articulate and well educated women, filled with a sense of humour and a capacity for adventure.

Harnessing the very courage and curiosity they nurture in each and every pupil, Wenona School embraced the challenge of elevating their brand via a beautiful, bespoke short film – the first of its kind in the private education sector.

In the spirit of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, this engaging 90” short film follows the adventures of a little girl who discovers a secret portal into the world of a Wenona girl. Featuring a current student in the lead role, it draws on the very spirit of Wenona – the bravery, curiosity and drive – and speaks to the wide range of opportunities available via the School’s signature Renaissance framework.

Rather than present the more expected functional School format: classrooms, teaching environments, play areas and wider facilities, we instead wanted to give the viewer something different, a scenario which focuses on the fact that being curious can open up limitless opportunities, and in which girls (and perhaps parents) could imagine themselves. And by presenting the start of a story, we invite people to add their own chapters.

We undertook the entire process for this film – from planning and storyboarding, to scripting, sourcing of materials (including the design and production of the unique lapel pins which reflect areas of the Wenona Renaissance framework), shoot and post.

The whole project was a delight to be a part of, with the school wholly embracing the idea and being extremely accommodating throughout. The result is a very engaging piece of film which presents a simple premise (stay curious) in an imaginative and compelling way.